How To Create Multiple User Profiles On An Android Device

Have your own privacy on a device used by many.

Multiple user profiles is possible for some android devices. You might have an android device that you share with other people such as family members, and it can be frustrating to sometimes have important files deleted or a lot of games installed. As a matter of fact, android allows multiple user accounts in some devices so users can switch from one profile to another so as to avoid disturbing what one person has going on on their account.

Some of these devices are tablets. How to do it?

  1. Go to the settings of your device. Settings > Accounts and backup > Users
  2. Tap Users > Add user or profile.
  3. A small window will prompt you to choose between “User” and “User restricted profile“. Choose what is suited to your needs.
  4. Enter the user info/name then press “OK“.
  5. From the list of users, choose the newly created account for it to load. This may take some time.
  6. Customize it as you want. This is like setting up a new device.

What are User Profiles?

A user profile on android allows you to create your own set up without having to share it to other people using the same device. You will have your own login so you can download apps that you need or want, have your own home screen, and you can store files without worrying about other people accessing it.

What are the types of user profiles?
1. Admin user/System user.
This is the first registered user of the device and can only be removed through a factory reset. This is also the only user that can add and delete other user profiles.

2. Secondary user.
Other regular users of the device aside from the system user. This can be family members or close friends. The more the secondary users, the slower the device might get especially if plenty of apps are installed per user profile. Also, secondary users like the admin/system user will only have notifications when they are active.

3. Guest user.
A one time user of the device so it can be deleted when the purpose is done. There can only be one guest user at a time.

4. Restricted user.
This type of user is only available on tablets and TV devices and has limited access to apps and contents. The user can only access the apps that are allowed by the admin user.

You can watch my full tutorial on this on Youtube.


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