How To Use a Tablet as a Second Monitor

If you are looking for a way to use of your tablet as a secondary monitor so you can multi-task, this is the perfect guide for you. This setup is not limited to android tablets. In fact, it can be done on iPads, phones, and other computers and we will be using a free-to-use software called “Space Desk”. Well, not all the features of this software are free but the basic functions which we need to do this multi-display extension screen are. Let’s go ahead and do it.

1. Setup the Primary Display

  1. Make sure the tablet is connected to the same network as the laptop or PC, it can be it’s wireless or wired.
  2. Download Spacedesk from their website,, choose the server version for the laptop or PC. After downloading, install Spacedesk. By default, it should be ready to connect with the client, your tablet, without changing any setting.

2. Setup the tablet

  1. Jump to your tablet and search for Spacedesk on playstore if using an android and AppStore for iPad, then install it. When you’re done, it will automatically detect the server display which is your laptop. Tap connect and it will work as a monitor.

2. By default, your tablet will work as a secondary monitor, but in duplicate mode. What you will see is an exact duplicate of what is in your main display.

Set up multi-display in extended mode

To change the setting to extended mode, right-click anywhere on your desktop then select display settings. Here, you will click on the dropdown option (Duplicate Screen) and then select the extended option. Now, your tablet will work as an extension screen for your laptop or PC.

In some cases where you want to place your tablet either to your left or to your right, there is an option for you to do so. There is an indicator that shows your current screen set up which looks like small screens and labeled as 1 and 2. You can drag these to change the to the setup you prefer.

If you want to disconnect your tablet as an extended monitor, look for the hamburger menu on the tablet and tap it. there should be an option to disconnect.

If you’re a bit confused with the steps here and prefer video instructions, you can watch my video tutorial on YouTube, and don’t forget to hit subscribe.


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