How to View Your WiFi Password in Windows 10

Wifi passwords are sometimes long and complicated that we tend to forget it over time because our internet has been working great, until we need to connect a new device. Sometimes our family members and friends come over and they would ask about it and guess what, we forgot our own wifi password. If you wrote it down, good for you, but if you did not, you’re still in luck because you can view it in your windows 10 computer.

How to view your password?

  1. Go to your search bar and type WiFi.

2. Click on Wifi Settings then navigate to Change network adapter settings.

3. Select the WiFi adapter that is connected to your WiFi network.

4. Right click to view the options.

5. Select the Status option and a new window will pop up.

6. Click on the Wireless properties button, a new window will open.

7. Select the Security tab, wireless security will show up. Click on show characters to view your WiFi password. There you go! Have fun and enjoy!


Ginard Guaki

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