Roku Express Streaming Device

Convert Your TV To a Smart TV

Roku Express is one of the budget friendly streaming devices available in the market. Streaming services have dramatically changed how we watch for the past few years. From cable boxes to smart TV’s, we are able to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, and a lot more. Most of us prefer these because we can choose what we want to watch and it’s cheaper.

Personally, I have an older 32” TV where we used to watch movies saved on a USB stick until I got a Roku Express. I opted for this because of it’s price tag, I thought I would give it a try. I’d say, I don’t regret it! I have been using it for more than two years now and it has been serving its purpose. It pretty much just covers the basics and I’m okay with that. It’s not a 4k player and can only handle up to 1080p. The remote has very few buttons and volume is not included. Like what everyone says, the HDMI cord is one of the shortest. Despite of all that, I still like it and I would say it’s worth the buck. Roku, of course, has other higher end devices that can stream 4k contents and has better remote functionalities so you better check those out too. Let’s learn more about Roku Express.

It came in a small box but everything you need is there.
⦁ A USB power cable and a power adapter
⦁ HDMI cable for the display
⦁ A remote with a pair of triple A batteries
⦁ The device itself
⦁ A manual
⦁ An adhesive strip for mounting the device

Since everything you need is in the package, it’s almost plug and play. After the cables are connected;

>The HDMI cable to your Roku player and the other end to your TV.
>The micro-USB end of the power cable to your Roku player and the other end can be to an outlet using the adapter that came with it or you can also plug it in at a USB port at the back of your TV.

After you power on the player and your TV;

  1. Set your TV to the correct input/source using the remote of your TV.
  • Since Roku uses HDMI, this can be HDMI1, HDMI2 and so on.
  1. Choose a language.
  • This is the first thing that will come up on your TV screen after the Roku logo. Use the Roku remote control to navigate and choose your preferred language.
  1. Connect your Roku Express to your wireless network/internet.
  • After you choose the language, it will lead you to connect it to a wireless network so it will scan the available networks in the area. Choose your network and input your wi-fi password. When Roku is already connected, it will automatically download the latest software update if there are any.
  1. Set the display type.
  • Now you will be prompted to set your display type. Roku can actually identify the best resolution for your TV but you can also change this manually if the one selected is not what you want.
  1. Activate your Roku device.
  • You need to sign in to your Roku account for this. If you do not have a Roku account, then you have to create one. You can go to their website,, or you can do it through their mobile app. There will be prompts on your TV screen that you just have to follow so that your Roku device will be linked to your account. You will be prompted to enter an email address and that is where the activation link will be sent. Take note: Roku does not require an activation fee.
  1. Add your favorite channels on your account and enjoy streaming!

Here are some of the most recommended streaming devices;

Roku Express HD

Roku Stick+

Roku Premiere 4k

Roku Ultra

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