“Unconfirmed CRDOWNLOAD”: What is it and how to manage it?

An unconfirmed CRDOWNLOAD file is a file that is created by the Google Chrome web browser when a file is being downloaded. The “.crdownload” file extension is specific to Google Chrome and is an indication that a file is currently being downloaded or that there is a file that was not successfully completed.

What does it mean when you see this file name in your folders?

Partial Download: It can be that the download is paused or interrupted (for example, due to a lost internet connection or intentionally stopped).  The CRDOWNLOAD file represents a partial download and contains the data that has been downloaded so far. Chrome can resume the download from where it left off, using the data saved in the CRDOWNLOAD file.

Temporary File: It can also be that the  file is temporary. Once the download is successfully completed, Chrome removes the “.crdownload” extension, and the file is renamed to its correct filename and extension.

Unconfirmed CRDOWNLOAD File Label

You might see the prefix “unconfirmed” in the name of a CRDOWNLOAD file, like in the image above. This typically occurs when Chrome is still downloading the file, but it can also happen if Chrome cannot finish the download for some reasons, such as when the download was interrupted, the source of the download became unavailable, or there were issues with the server hosting the file.

How do you manage it? Ginard

Incomplete Downloads: If you find CRDOWNLOAD files in your download folder, you can attempt to resume the download in Chrome, if possible. Sometimes, simply retrying the download can resolve the issue. How?

Go to downloads. You can click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen.

Choose downloads and click on it.

You will be able to see the file that is being downloaded, and you will be given the option to either resume or cancel it.

Deleting CRDOWNLOAD Files: If a download cannot be completed or resumed, or if you no longer need the partially downloaded file, you can safely delete the CRDOWNLOAD file. It’s essentially useless without the rest of the data that was supposed to be downloaded.

Recovery Attempts: In some cases, if a significant portion of the file was already downloaded (especially with larger files), there might be ways to attempt to recover or use the partial file, depending on the type of file being downloaded and the tools available. However, this is generally more complex and not always successful.

In summary, unconfirmed CRDOWNLOAD files are part of Chrome’s download management process, serving as placeholders for incomplete downloads. They help manage the progress of downloads but can be removed if the download is no longer needed or cannot be completed.

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